How a discomfort sparked an idea

I’ve been coding and building projects for more than 5 years. This week I officially launched my first product on product hunt.

On a typical day, I take my phone along with me as I go to work. In transit, I read articles on my mobile phone. When I arrive at my office, I switch to my computer and finish up the article before proceeding with the work of the day.

One day, on arriving at my office, I wanted to open the article on my computer, so I checked the link to the article and discovered it had a long url. On a typical day I would have either copied down the url on a sheet of paper then transfer it to my computer, memorize the link and copy it part by part or searched for the title on Google. These approaches took time and broke my concentration and flow.

This time I decided to do things differently. I created ShareTXT, a web application that allowed me to share text between browsers in real time. All I needed to do was to visit the website on both my devices then paste the link. The text appears automatically on the other device where it can be copied. The app uses web sockets so the data transfer happens in real time.

After it was complete, I reached out to some people and they were super excited about the app. They contributed and left insightful feedback. You can check out the list of contributors here

I’m incredibly excited to say that ShareTXT launched on product hunt on the 13th of Feb 2021


Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on the launch. 🚀


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