What is the best way to find beta testers for my application without spending money?

Hey Guys,  I am working on a mobile app, its called Sterio and its up on the AppStore and the PlayStore will leave links under the post. The App allows users to link their Apple Music or Spotify accounts and create groups with their friends. They can then go on to share music directly from their stream from said group.  Current I am struggling with finding issues with the experience and the code for the application, we were testing the application initially with around 20 people just from my friend circle but now i feel like i need a lot more people to be testing and sharing valuable insights about the experience of the app. I have been posting on Reddit to find testers but it seems that people join and stop using the app after some time.    What are some methods you would suggest to solve this issue and find some quality testers      PlayStore  AppStore

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