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Roast: Scrollytics — Understand user behavior on landing pages

Hi there,    Today I launch the PoC for Scrollytics, a landing page analytics tool.    "Scrollytics helps you to understand how potential customers view, scroll through, and use your landing page before they either leave or sign up. Stop searching for the latest mantras of landing page design. Increase conversion by understanding your potential customers and by focusing on what really matters for your product."    Scrollytics focuses solely on landing page analytics. The first core feature that is available via proof of concept is scroll behavior. It shows you a chart of what part of your landing page potential customers are really looking at. Is it the hero section with the one-line pitch? Or is it the pricing section?    👉  (no sign up needed to use the PoC on your landing page; no cookies; no tracking of users in any way)    🎬 5-minute demo:    I want to know:  - Does this idea bring any value for you?  - What do you want to know specifically from your landing pages?  - Have you tried it?    Future ideas:  - Mobile support  - Segmentation (e.g., by country)  - Cursor tracking    Any feedback is highly welcome.

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