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What services do you pay for?

Hello everyone,    Ideas and side-projects are great, but not all it needs to be successful. Validating & execution is key, we got this. Yet, I think nothing would come in as handy as knowing what services (online services) people actually pay for. So was wondering, if you are happy to share which services you are actually paying for (or paid for in the past)?    For me, it's these services:     - Domains (mostly on Cloudflare by now)   - Hosting (Digital Ocean)   - Backblaze (backup storage)   - Laravel Forge to manage DO instances   - Google Suite for emails on one of my companies (might change to Protonmail)   - Buffer (annual plan, not sure if I continue)    That's it - surprisingly low number in general and only one SaaS service. I guess I'm not representative though - I've got work-arounds for many things others might pay for. How does it look for you?    Peter

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