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Best Way to Get Traffic to your Website?

Create Side Projects.      The Side Project Marketing Approach!      It can get you crazy amount of backlinks + tons of traffic for free.      If your side project is in the same niche, even better. It will help you build the Top of the Funnel Audience & qualify for better conversion later.      Side Project Marketing can also be a Great way to Generate tons of Qualified Leads for Free!      Prime Example of Side Project Marketing Approach is of Saijo George.      He has created tons of Side Projects & Gets a Good amount of traffic to his website.      Probably a Tool/Calculator/Cheatsheet can do the trick here.      Are you leveraging Side Project Marketing? Let me know in the comments.      P.S:- I am in the process of getting a tool on my website for Twitter. Will update you once it's done :)      P.P.S:- Let me know your thoughts in the comments below on the Side Project Marketing Approach.

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