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Launching our new year resolutions exercise

Hi fellow makers 👋    During the last couple of weeks I've been working on something special for this time of the year: a step-by-step exercise to do a year review and set new resolutions for 2021 . Once saved, it'll automatically sent you an email with your resolutions within a year so you can review them.    We have been doing year reviews and setting our resolutions for years and we think it's an great exercise. Not only because you can see all you've done in a year but also because it gives you the opportunity to see how you and your life priorities have changed in 12 months.    We've sent this exercise to all our current users and promoted it on Instagram stories for 3 days and more than 100 people have already completed it, which is a great milestone for us.    If you're curious about it, you can find it here . Let me know what you think about it!    See ya!

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