What is the fastest and safest way to financial freedom?

Hi folks!    Hope you are all doing well in these hard times. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer few months ago. I'm a young married man (just turned 30) with no prior health issues (I don't smoke neither drink) so the news was very hard to hear.    Thanks to god and the help of doctors and chemotherapy, I'm now in complete remission but stays under control (cancer still may be back anytime).    At the moment I'm still in sick leave and I don't plan to go back to my regular 9-5 corp job. Actually I don't want to for many personal reasons.    I would like to achieve a financial freedom and I'm looking for advices!    - I do front and back-end development but I'm also good at ui design (with sketch) and seo  - I don't have a portfolio  - I don't have clients    I have a couple of side projects but unfortunately these will take time to be profitable. I need a faster way to get cash.    What should I do right now? Do you know of any freelance platforms except Fiverr and Upwork?

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