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Need your advice on this "Low Code" idea šŸ’”

Hello Makers šŸ‘‹ my first post here šŸ˜ƒ Ā  Ā I made this scrappy little landing page to quickly get your feedback & advice about this product idea I'm working on. Ā  Ā "Particle Systems" is a low code service that enables you to capture basic user inputs like emails, opinions, feedback etc. on websites and pass the captured data directly to cloud services (you love šŸ’•) via integrations. Ā  Ā āœ… No need to develop backends Ā  Ā āœ… No need to manage databases Ā  Ā āœ… No need to migrate captured data Ā  Ā āœ… Save massive development time & effort Ā  Ā Landing Page Link: Ā

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