Gumroad Ping - separate endpoints per product?

If any of you uses Gumroad Licenses, or just Ping API itself - how to you handle "webhook" endpoints?  Looks like Ping endpoint can only be configured for the whole account. This makes it impossible to use it like Stripe webhooks - so that for each product I could individually handle its purchases.    Unless I'm wrong, I see three possible solutions here:    1. Don't use Gumroad, other than during the launch. I.e. sell "lifetime subscriptions" via Gumroad on the very early stage of each product to check the product-market fit, then disable Gumroad and use Stripe with proper subscriptions. Of course, don't launch more than one product at a time.  2. Build a micro service that would accept all Gumroad Pings and distribute them to all my products.  3. Register one account per product on Gumroad, which makes life harder as a seller, but makes life easier as a developer.    Am I the only one who finds this a badly designed API? What would you choose? Am I missing something?

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