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Work on artistic collab

Me and another artist have been talking about working together for a while, so we really started messaging eachother to make it happen
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It's just a brainstorming session. I'll be taking a trip to New York so we can work together. So it'll probably be a few months before pieces are ready to show

Fajar Siddiq

how was it?


Finish polaroid experiment 1


Here, I'm grabbing landscapes from the Unites States and painting on top of them images that remind me of Puerto Rico. Placing Puerto Rican identity directly onto other landscapes. In the midst of the many things that define the island, its architecture seems to be something we all hold close to us.

While on the island, I used to walk everywhere, I enjoyed it a lot, and now, being in a place where walking down the neighborhood isn't an occurrence, even seeing a person walking is a rarity, there are no strolls down the neighborhood. All homes look exactly the same. Nothing sets them apart, no colors, no shapes, nothing.

Here, by placing images of the island of the landscape and intervening them with paint and pen, I reflect on things I do miss, further than just the place. More of how adaptability doesn't change wanting to be somewherebut there is a yearning about being somewhere you no longer are. To be close to people, you no longer are close to. Most of all, to be someone you no longer are, whether it's finding or even losing who you were.

First polaroid experiment fail

I have some damged film in stock so I wanted to use some paint pens on them and experiment with combining paint and photography. This one was a bust, the paint is to thin to adhere to the smooth film surface. I'll try actual paint from the tube later

Trash painting

There's no way of saving this one, I'll let it dry and destroy it


Actually finished this one. I messed up a lot but it was nice to dive deep an relearn a lot of unused skills

Get new light bulbs

I've been trying to paint for weeks, but on every off day from my day job it is cloudy and I can't paint with yellow lights because I'm using yellow. So I bought some daylight bulbs and hopefully on Tuesday I get to paint, with or without natural light,

Continue tufting experiment

Last time I screwed up with the glue and I think I screwed up the same step this time. Still a lot of learning but hopefully this one I can take off the frame and trim it down to see how it turns out and practice trimming rugs

Backing fail

This was a few days ago but I forgot to add it. I used a cheap method to finish my experiment, one thay many people use, but I guess it takes some tinkering to get right and I did non. LOL

Build tufting frame

Part of the art supplies I ordered are for learning something new, this time about rug making by hand. This should be interesting and I'm excited

Order art supplies

I got paid today, so I thought I could use some of the money for my and learn something new 🫑