Easily convert your location/place/address/map to a static image - no code, free of charge.

Work on

Done for map2img service for quickly converting a location/address to a static image:

* Improved design
* Added validation for inputs (i.e. width/height)
* Added map styles
* Actual content

Basic image export and initial site for

The basic image export for map2img is working for MapBox. Now I need to tidy up everything, fill content, add validations, beautify and add another provider (Google Maps). Address autocompletion works (using MapBox, Googles autocomplete is way more complicated to integrate).

Set up initial Nuxt project and continuous deployment via Netlify

Start building in public

Map2img lets you easily convert your place/location/address to a static image.

No need to acquire API keys, code or integrate some JavaScript. Simply enter your address, adjust the style and export it as static image. For free.
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