What Song When

Started Spotify playlist integration

It’ll be trickier than I thought as it needs to update based on if the recommendations have updated...hmmm

Brainstorm homepage, not much progress

Tired today, couldn't quite get in the groove. Tomorrow will be better

Switched from tailwind to chakra

I’m not a professional designer and I want to get something out to users soon

Implemented basic spotify authorization flow

User's will be able to search Spotify so that doesn't require them to login with their own spotify account

I dont know if I want there to be a music player in the app though...so still figuring that out. If there is a need for playing music then users will have to login with Spotify

Working on the design of the search page. Not sure how I feel about it yet

Kevin Author

Thanks! I'm learning about design so that may not be the final design..but it's a starting point

Ryan Glass

I like it - clear, looks good and intuitive


Just built out two pages b/c discipline every day is better than nothing

Feeling a bit defeated/off today :/

Created some routes in preparation for more later but nothing too intense. Wanted to get in the code and think about it at the very least