I shared my first twitter thread


Added 1 new item ShipGPT (shipgpt.ai), a boilerplate for making AI apps by @hey_sheikh, to the SaaS Starters directory (listskit.com/saasstarters) #listskit

Day 1209 - You can win. - https://golifelog.com/posts/you-can-win-1713822620577 #lifelog

follow up with weekly meetings and schedule, continue finishing up content

Packed whole suitcase of prototyping materials for workshop tomorrow #outsprint

Researched marketing case studies of products that are in same category as my product

Post blog post https://www.clinicgeek.com/blog/ear-infections-babies-toddlers-guide

Applied for Lead, DigiTech at Changi Airport Group - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3881529039 #outsprint

Paid youtube influencer US$25 for yet another month of sponsorship, and asked her about Pinterest sponsorship too #pluginsforcarrd

Prep work for slide deck and canvas tools for prototyping workshop tomorrow for non profit client #outsprint