The only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little "extra".

Refactored some backend code that was driving me nuts.

A lot cleaner now.

Finished up a backend call to find points on a map.

This is another app I've been working on with my brother. Looking forward to it's release.

Added more validation.

This is getting tedious but I know it's important. Greetings fellow makers.

Updated registration page to be more user friendly.

I love writing software. Hope you all are having a productive and great day.

Added email confirmation functionality

This one took a bit. But I got it done. Whew!
Jason T

Glad to help :) Also I just notice the beautiful header also write "Account Successfully Verified" I think you can just change to "Success" Since it's repeating the same message in the body text.

Heman Author

@jasontxf thanks for the feedback. That's actually a good point. I will remove that extra text.