Freemium or only paid or value missing ? Advise warmly welcome :-)

Question in my mindโ€ฆ Since about 2 months I have the Freemium model for Job Postings in place ( . Or you post for free or for 39 USD and get featured, more skill tags and logo etcโ€ฆ I get posts, but always free.

Now there are a bunch of possible reasons for this. The ones I see:

  • Value for paid package is not good enough
  • Free package has all what they need
  • Difference between the 2 packages is not clear so they don't see the value
  • Price is to high
  • Price is to low

I'm thinking on doing a test and remove the free option, but make the free one eg 29 and the paid with featuering etc 49โ€ฆ Can not loos much anyway. any thoughts ?

This article is a great read: 84 cognitive biases you should exploit to design better products.

The one specifically for this situation is #47, the Decoy Effect. Basically, try framing the plan you want people to go for with a cheaper minimalist one and a more expensive one:

Decoy effect in pricing grids

Stefan W Author

Thanks so much.


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