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How to grow a community on my chat-platform?

Hello everyone!    About a year ago, I published TalkCode , a project I was working on for a really long time. It's a platform for developers & designers with over 100 different chat-rooms on different topics, such as:    - programming languages  - software  - design tools  - APIs  - ...    In the different chat-rooms people can help each other and talk about the given topic ("How is the best way to do X in Y?" - "Look at what I made with X!" - "What features would like to see next on Y?" - "What do you think about X?"). It's not a foum where you ask a question and get it answered, it's more like a real group chat with people who have the same interests as you have.    Since I launched it a year ago, about 30 people created an account but there is little to no life in the chat rooms at all. It has zero DAU (Daily active users). Because of that I thought about a few things what to do now:    - Should I recode it? You know, make it faster, more mobile friendly, integrate new features and work on a better design?  - Or should I focus on a different aspect?  - How can I attract more people to use it?  - And more important, how can I get these useres to return to the site later on?  - And how can I not just gain more users, but also build up a friendly community?      Because of all of this, I decided to just ask here on Makerlog. The community here is always so nice and helpful 😀      What do you think? Do you have any ideas on how to grow this project of mine? Or do you think I should focus on another aspect of the idea?      All feedback is welcome!!!      Thank you everyone, yours    An ☺️

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