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1 Year Club - Makerlog Giveaway - 2020, we are coming

Since today, I am in the 1 year club. One year of logging, one year of launching, one year of making. Yes, I had a few days off. ;-)    The best of the one year club with me, the whole thing happens at Christmas  Coincidence? Luck? ... Lucky for you :-)    As a small gift to the Makerlog community I want to give access to one of my service, completely free. I think NameScore should be useful for most of the makers here.    ### So, how will it work    - Until the end of the year, every makerlog user who asks me on twitter will get a 100% voucher for a name check.  - You must be registered at NameScore  - You must registered at Makerlog  - To make the contact on twitter work, please follow me ( )  - Send me the link to your makerlog user  - Send me the NameScore account name  - You will get a NameScore 100% Coupon    ### About NameScore    So you have a new business name or product name. But does your name meet the criteria for professional use?    NameScore does the name check for you and provides you with a comprehensive evaluation in the NameScore report. So you can be sure that you have considered all important aspects when deciding on a name!    ### Little Hint    I also have Christmas holidays and this is a family celebration, please be patient if I don't reply to Twitter immediately. Evey Makerlog user who contacts me this year will definitely get a coupon code ;-)    In that spirit, I wish you a merry Christmas and a great start into 2020.    Hen

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