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The "right" time to launch on ProductHunt?

Hi everyone! I recently built and launched .    It was a project initially born out of frustration and quarantine boredom :) But I'm now trying to see if it has legs beyond being just a side project. I'm testing for traction via a variety of channels -- by sharing here and other sites like IndieHackers,, Reddit, social media, etc.    My first goal is to see if I can get to 50 users tracking at least 2 packages, and 25 users I do not know personally. This is my current "line in the sand" to decide if I should invest more time and money into this idea. I'm still quite a ways from hitting that goal, but I'm hopeful!    I want to put this on ProductHunt since that would get a lot of eyes on it, but I'm hesitant. Should I wait until after I see more initial traction, before launching this on PH? Or, should I launch on PH to get initial traction? Anyone have thoughts on this chicken-and-egg problem?

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