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Using a press release as a user acquisition channel

This may sound old-school in this age of no-code, Twitter threads and TikTok, but today I decided to try out a new acquisition channel by sending out a press release announcing Metronome’s new Starter plans.    Steps I took:  1. Made a list of 5-10 potential targets and narrowed it down to relevant ones  2. Put together a press release document  3. Assemble a one-pager “fact sheet” about Metronome  4. Place it on a Google drive, make it publicly accessible and copy the public link to it  5. Used a link shortener service to make that looong Google Drive link into something less clumsy  6. Craft a custom email to each recipient and hit the send button    Just sent them off, will update this post in a day or two with the results! 🤞🏻    EDIT: in case anyone’s interested, here’s my press kit    UPDATES  - Jan-27: the folks over at Podnews picked up the press release and included it in today's edition !  - Jan-27: about 12 hours after the Podnews press release, I made a sale and got a valuable new customer :)  - Jan-27: this is crazy. 5 seconds after I edited this post with the first sale, I had another one. Alhamdulillah!  - Jan-28: the Podcast Movement team responded and approved for me to post on their FB group!  - Jan-30: the awesome folks over at Podmmunity featured Metronome in the Spotlight section of Episode 14 of their newsletter!    Note: times in GMT+0800

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