What Are Your Goals for November?

It's November 2nd already. Roughly 60 days until 2021 (unless they were right about the asteroids or alien invasion capping off 2020).    What are your maker goals for the 11th month of the year?      ## Up to now    For me, I've been building Eager.app help desk software for the past 12+ months. Finally launched it this past weekend. I still consider the app to be beta and there are a lot of features I want to add.    ## Goals for November     Got some paying customers (yay). It's been fairly steady the past few days, so I was pleasantly surprised. I hope to get about 25-30 "core" customers by the end of this month.   Improve landing page. I have some plans on how to improve the SEO. It'll involve a lot more text than the typical SAAS style landing page. I'll be running some experiments to see how it compares with the previous.   Further the development of mobile apps (iOS and Android). This was started last month. I do hope to have a beta out by mid or early December. This is somewhat of a stretch goal, but we'll see.   Start testing out the tech stack for the chat/chatbot platform, so it can be developed in December/January.    What about you? What are you November goals?

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