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Are you looking for some freelance work?

Hey team,    I work innovation consultancy based in New Zealand. We provide a wide range of innovation services to clients: strategy, business model development, ideation, prototyping and experimenting. We generally launch early in-market and iterate(or stop) based on feedback. This generally gives us an indication that we are building the right thing, however, we now want to expand our services and make sure that the thing is built right.    Ideally looking for a fullstack developer proficient in Node.    Vue & React as the frontend framework  Tailwind & Bulma for css  Typically Node but occasionally Laravel  Postgresql mainly for DB  AWS mainly for the cloud. Amplify would be a plus for sure.  Ideally proficient with typescript    However, if you have the right entrepreneurial mindset, none of the above matters that much.    I'd imagine this will be a side gig for you and would be on a project-by-project basis.

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