Should I switch jobs or not?

I have been working with my current company for last 2 years, it's a small company (15 peoples including management) now I got a really great offer from a really good company(500+ employees, 8+ office in 6 countries) they recently contacted me and offered me a team lead position on a project related to microservices.    I want to join them since they are giving me a 90% hike on salary plus extra benefits, bonus, and health insurance for my family. I am a little bit scared since I have never worked with a big company like this and I feel that I am not ready yet to take such responsibilities, also I am thinking like what if I don't fit in the company because of covid there are people losing jobs I don't want to face that situation.    I really like my current company founders are the really friendly and almost the same age as mine but the pay is not that good.    What would you do if you were in my position?

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