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How do I calculate CTR for ads on my small site?

So recently I opened up ads on my site Keto List Singapore . It's a directory/listings site of keto-friendly eateries and places in Singapore, inspired ala Nomadlist by@levelsio. I wanted to monetize the traffic a bit, so I experimented with paid listings - basically, pay $10, and your listing (say a bakery) gets moved to the top of the listing where there's higher visibility.    A potential customer was interested in advertising and asked about the click-through rates of the top listings, and specifically asked for a competitor's CTR. I was stumped. So my questions are:    1. Is it ethical to share the CTRs of other businesses that's on my site with their competitors?  2. My site is no Google, so does it make sense, or is it even possible, to calculate the CTR? If yes, how do I do it? (Is it through tracking outbound links and dividing by page views within a same time period?)
   Disclaimer: I'm a complete noob when it comes to advertising and marketing, so please pardon my silly question and where I might have gone completely wrong.    Thanks!  Jason

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