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Making a website builder from scratch

👶🏻 Noob developer question: Looking for tutorial-style blog posts or articles on how to create a website builder from scratch (in the likes of Carrd, Squarespace, or even Sheet2site) - anyone came across any?      Basically the usual things that such platforms can do:  - users can authenticate and create accounts  - in their accounts they can select templates or web elements/blocks for their site, edit copy, upload images  - publish their site to a subdomain  - pay for monthly subscription for custom domain, analytics, adding payment gateways, etc  - users can create websites that in themselves allow for authentication and account creation for their own end-users, probably for access to gated content    I'd been interested in static websites for some time – the combination of fast load times, minimal attack surface, and adding APIs for extra functionality is attractive to me. So the tech stack could be using the usual HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP, or Ruby on Rails and/or Jekyll, or React/Gatsby.    I'd been wanting to build a website builder on my own for learning and potentially as a side hustle, but just need a bit of reference on how to start. Amazingly, googling "how to build a website builder" didn't return much! It's such a potentially huge project to take on alone, that I don't even know how to break it down and where to start looking for specific help.

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