Primcloud Daily Standup - #1

Hello Makers!    Today is day one of my first ever vacation at my day job. I have taken 2 weeks off to absolutely CRANK on Primcloud to get it ready for public beta.    I have decided in this two week time that I will be posting daily standup Monday through Friday, and then also a Weekly Check-In post to summarize the week.    I am doing this to hold myself accountable and keep shipping. I have found over the past few months that I have been a lot more productive as I share stuff on Twitter and build in the public. So I am taking it a step further and providing standup here.    I hope this is successful and I continue doing it even after my two weeks.    So without further ado, lets get into it.    What did I do yesterday?  ✅ Started putting together a todo list of everything that needs to get done    What do I plan to do today?  ☐ Draw the 4 winners of my Windy contest on Twitter  ☐ Refine my todo list and flesh out more requirements  ☐ Start putting together the public roadmap      This standup is for Primcloud - Deploy, manage and scale your apps    You can also follow me or Primcloud on Twitter!

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