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Hi to everyone here. Here is a story about my first "exit" and plans for future

Hi all,    I am Josef, currently freelance dev and occasional lurker of Makerlog.    The last time I was properly indie hacking was in high school. I created many different websites, even bought some. You could say I even did my first exit at that time. I sold an affiliate website that produced a lot of clicks, but no conversions, to the company running the affiliate itself.    I barely earned a proper typical student summer job money, but hey, I got my feet wet. The site is still online, so go enjoy the beautiful design at , haha.    Now I am back and want to try to lunch some more projects in to the world. First, I am creating a book on deployment . I completely overdid it, 5 full months, 4 part-time, plus some time on the side. It is taking so long, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I plan to have pre-release for Christmas. Hit me up if you would like to be a beta reader.    I think that going forward I have to start doing much smaller bets. I would like to do one more one-time purchase product, probably a tool of some sort. And then start the work on some sort of SaaS, which is like an ultimate goal. I guess that recurring revenue is the goal for most here.    As far as personal life goes, I spent 9 months in Vietnam since December 2019 and survived most of Covid disaster there. Now I am back in the Czech Republic, missing Asia, warm weather, and almost non-existent Covid.    It's great that a community such as Makerlog exists to help people be accountable and create in the open. I really hope I meet some of you in person in the following years!    Cheers,  Josef

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