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BooksBites: Would you read a book by email, 10 minutes at a time every day?

Hi everybody,  an idea came to my mind few days ago, because I realized that I'm struggling to find the time to read the books I want but at the same time I spend a lot of time at the computer, reading news, emails, newsletter, etc.  So my thought was: why don't transform a book into a series of email automatically sent to me every morning at a certain time?    I've started from a personal need, because I've thought that an email at a time I would have been able to read some books that are on my shelf since months. But I don't know if it worth it to build develop something for it, maybe the possibile market is too small or a product like this wouldn't last for long in people's email box. I don't know, I have some doubts.    Obviously there would be some limitation because of the copyrights, but in my case the books that I want to read are quite old, some classics of english literature, so I don't think there will be any problems at the beginning.    I found some other website that offer the same service, but their website are quite old, the UX is not very good and the books available are few, not very attractive and poorly curated (I tested one of this and received a batch of emails that was simply impossible to read).    What do you think about it? Would you use a service like this?  1 - Register and chose a book between the available ones  2 - The next day at 8.00 am you will received the first pages of the book, that you can read in 8-10 minutes  3 - When you finish, you click a button on the email, confirming that you have read that part  4 - The next day the second part comes to your inbox...and so on until the end.    It could be a subscription model service or maybe a one time payment for each book.    Thanks for your feedbacks!

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