Just so I can create a new hash tag..

Release party https://fitness-rebels.com (activated Cloudflare CDN and DNS).

GTMetrix test the site before adding Cloudflare. An improvement of 9%. https://gtmetrix.com/reports/fitnessrebels.gitlab.io/s95zEpWW

Signing up as a builderall affiliate. https://office.builderall.com/us/franchise/share/843467

Have a cue of 6 clients. Time to streamline. Asking my clients to create Use Cases first which always takes over 50% of the time to do a gig.

Set up flask, python, uswgi, nginx on AWS EC2 instance to run a music AI service REST API. Too large for AWS Lambda

Chatting with client, showcasing the app (not my uggly logos..)

beauty interface!! are you using a css lib ?