Graeme && πŸ’™

upload images to ottercloud with public-read default, and add temp folder to be compressed

fix for all the broken promises (javascript promise, not humans being disappointing)

also add graphicsmagick for local image compression fallback in case tinypng becomes expensive ??ΒΏΒΏ

add image upload callback to update compression in the UI when complete, thanks to TinyPNG support!!

remove ability to change image sizes, as we shouldn't have to - it's dictated by the theme selected

use multer for users to upload their own images instead of pulling them in

record overview of emailotter πŸ‘‰

WOW, that's awesome!

Graeme Author

thanks Miguel! :D

I know it's really useful for me, but not yet sure about other newsletter creators who use existing tools..we will see!


parse html using react, and then switch to editor in edit mode so transitions work beautifully

get drag and drop order working from template placeholders, yay milestone :D