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started to add cold email templates to resources https://growthhacklist.com/how-to-write-cold-emails

published new interview with the founder of Lingoci https://growthhacklist.com/interviews/building-a-platform-for-online-language-tutoring

published new tutorial "Get the customers of your competitors" - with Apify, Zapier and Google sheets https://growthhacklist.com/methods/get-the-customers-of-your-competitors

added new tutorial to "Build a membership site" https://growthhacklist.com/methods/how-to-build-a-membership-site-with-memberful

changed headline in to "Find easily growth and marketing ideas for your business."

added three new investors/funds for indie makers to database https://growthhacklist.com/investors

wrote tweet about onboarding series https://twitter.com/growthhacklist/status/1197186533952032768?s=20

added new article to best onboarding examples - slack onboarding https://growthhacklist.com/methods/onboarding-example-slack

started to add database with investors in indiemakers and bootstrappers

added onboarding article/screenshots of email octupus to https://growthhacklist.com/methods/onboarding-on-email-octupus