Produce something Bitcoin related, everyday.

Writing and reviewing some text about Lightning for posters that will be displayed at Surfin'Bitcoin 2021

Creating the first "lnmarkets strategy": automatic trading on lnmarkets.com when specific conditions are met

This first strategy connects with Paris Open Data API and opens a long position whenever 10% or more of Paris EV charging stations are in maintenance

Done writing the article about how to use Bitcoin without access to the internet

And sent to editor! πŸ₯³

Done writing an article about how users can adjust their Bitcoin transaction fees afterward using RBF or CPFP

One last review to do before sending it to the editor!

Writing an article about the application of Bitcoin Lightning Network

Still some illustrations to add, and some review to do!

Writing the last part of the article about scaling Bitcoin

Look forward to the article!


Thanks for the pointer @FanisMichalakis. I glanced through it. It's interesting.Will read the whole article. Good one! Thanks!


Writing the second part of an article about Bitcoin scaling

Two more (smaller) parts to go, one dedicated to the Big vs Small blocks, and an other dedicated to the Lightning Network (and how we can take some transactions off-chain in general).