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Spam everywhere my PH launch because I don't have an audience


PH launch is live… I would appreciate your support guys

Check it out: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/hollow-free-logo-pack

Very cool! Gave it an upvote on PH :)

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Prep PH launch 🧐


Add $1 transactions to my Stripe accounts to keep them active

Apparently, Stripe has a policy to automatically close inactive accounts with no card transactions in over a year.

And 3 of my projects are still NOT there. You know what I mean? They're struggling startup projects that need more focus and effort to land a paying customer.

I'd rather pay $1 myself to keep them active than go through the hassle of submitting a new account again. Has anyone faced this issue??

verify email sending domain to remain Google authentication and spam prevention requirements compliant