A Kanban board for your emails! ✨💌

Start using web workers with the Comlink library github.com/GoogleChromeLabs/comlink

Work on Mac app icon

build up dat streak sir




Sketched some icon concepts for KanbanMail https://twitter.com/Booligoosh/status/1241533015320223744

Started working on KanbanMail 2 landing page even though it's months away because I just got hyped

Pitch Camp

It's important to shorten that feedback loop quickly, looks good….

Ethan Author



Wrote a RegEx to get the quoted part from plaintext emails and now my brain is fried

Implemented the most satisfying queue logic ever. It merges new changes with any existing changes to the same message that are in the queue. Then, when sending the changes to Gmail, it automatically calculates which changes to different messages in the queue are similar and then batches them together to reduce requests. This is why I love programming, I feel so good right now 🤓

Starting on the backbone of KanbanMail 2.0 (isn't the design beautiful so far 😂)

Switched to using Stripe Checkout instead of my own custom Stripe payment page. Hoping this will lead to more conversions during the payment process!

Show indicator of email loading progress (before, users had no idea what was going on other than the loading symbol spinning)

Stopped KanbanMail from calling fetchAndPutThreads like 500 times in a row with individual threads when a big history payload comes in lol

Made doneThreadsNotInArchived literally just threads in Archived with the INBOX label

Changed "Move to Archived" button icon to a tick to differentiate it from Trash

Use changeLabels instead of changeColumn when stripping INBOX & KBM:4: Done