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shift+click to toggle color formats

All other browser have this, I just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Was a lot of fun to implement + let to more resilient code that I can use for other custom editors in the future as well.

implement scroll-snap and scroll badges

Firefox has Scroll badges
Chromium has scroll-snap badges and scroll-snap overlays

Polypane is getting all three.

Write a page with procurement details

So i can send people there instead of filling in their three-worksheet Excel questionnaires.
James Kenny

You're really going to miss filling out all those forms….

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commission first t-shirt

Kilian Valkhof Author

hell yeah!

Carl Poppa 🛸

swag is always exciting! 😃


Release new version of https://polypane.app/blog/polypane-6-1-readability-content-chaos-and-rewritten-event-sync-engine/

Write an article on how to find broken links using https://polypane.app/blog/how-to-find-broken-links-with-polypane/

replace old video with new animation on homepage

Fajar Siddiq

Love it

Kilian Valkhof Author

Thanks Fajar!


Release 5.1 https://polypane.app/blog/polypane-5-1-web-components-support/

Web components support, better link checking, better contrast checking and more. Really happy with this release