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new personal website design

rough layout and some content
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started with some notes on obsidian and made some rough drafts of the content. For layout, i made some stuff on https://tldraw.com and planning to use bootstrap ui kits on figma to get some design ideas before i start coding.


Thanks for informing me. The process seems quite smooth.


watch cs50 w8 lecture + make notes

Carl Poppa 🛸

amazing. i shall start making time to dive into it. thanks for the great review!

Raif Shareef Author

I had started learning code with JS, and jumped to Vue in a few months and missed out on alot of basics. It was frustrating, especially learning backend and database. thats why i started cs50, the first few weeks were taught in C and some would argue its a waste but i can really appreciate what python and javascript does under the hood now. my fav so far was learning sql.


Wrapping up week 7 of CS50

SQL week ✅

I'm thinking of building a game to learn SQL, investigating crime case using an sql database provided. wdyt?

Inspired by 'fiftyville' problem set in this week, enjoyed it alot.

Next: Week 8 - HTML, CSS & JS