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Release Braindump v0.7.0

- [feat] new dark theme
- [feat] experimental vim mode
- [fix] breadcrumb broken for more than one level
- [support] added 'Buy Me A Coffee' link to support the development
- [support] new Discord server

*Download here:*

no worries πŸ˜€


i just saw your website πŸŽ‰. i think you write the url wrong πŸ˜…. it should be


add experimental vim mode to

For a dev/maker focused notepad/knowledge base, vim is a must. I also received this feedback when talking to a dev last week. So I added this as an experimental mode currently as I'm not a vim user that much. Maybe this changes in the future :)

Review the first set of logos

I like the ideas in general. But somehow I don’t get any feeling towards a dev/maker centered knowledge base/notepad. πŸ€”

update all npm packages to the latest version

Vid Repar

Damn. What is the error about?

Vid Repar

Awesome. Congrats πŸ‘


Finally some progress on the dark theme

In-line code block colors and tab colors are still missing

Get up early β˜•οΈπŸ’ͺ

Fajar Siddiq

how was it?

Stephan Arenswald Author

3:50am (usually getting up even earlier) only time of the day where I have free time until my family wakes up πŸ˜…. Works out better for me than going to bed late at night.


Figure out why snowpack hmr is broken

Not what I wanted to do. But it blocks me from going forward with the dark theme. Now I know that this is a known issue. I need to think about how to cope with that. Without wasting too much time.

Book a camper for easter holidays

Hope that not everyone has the same idea so we get some good spots :)