Todcast · March 26, 2021

🐦 Todcast: Damon Chen, maker of

This week on the Todcast, maker Faiz Fadzil interviews Damon Chen from


Every two weeks we bring on makers from all over the world to share their stories.

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Todcast · March 15, 2021

🐦 Todcast: Gabriel Pérez Irizarry, maker of Caproni

Introducing the Todcast, a Twitter podcast series by maker Faiz Fadzil on indie making and bootstrapper culture.

Interviews · March 8, 2021

Bootstrapping a hosting service to $500 MRR w/ Philip Baretto ✅

Today we're interviewing Philip Baretto, a maker building–a simple hosting website for developers and freelancers.

Interviews · February 22, 2021

Bootstrapping a paid community to $1.7k MRR with Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward tells all about how to bootstrap a Slack community to over $1.7k monthly recurring revenue — in less than 10 months.


The latest happenings in the maker community.

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News · March 18, 2021

We need your help! ✅

Help us figure out what to build next. 🛠️

News · November 25, 2020

Announcing Makerlog Beta

Mobile support, a 6x faster website, and a fresh new design. It's really, really great.

News · August 31, 2020

Town Hall – August 2020 🙌

This is what we've done this August and our plans beyond this month! ♥️


Anything maker-culture related.

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Culture · June 20, 2020

A letter to the maker community

My reflections on the maker community and the potential worldwide impact our movement can have.

Culture · June 12, 2020

Building a culture of customer obsession with Pradip Khakhar

Pradip Khakhar shares how you can build a culture of customer obsession in your indie startup. 🔥

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