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The Future of Product Management report is here! - [Let me know what you think]

Hey makers,

I’m delighted to share with you the 2021 Future of Product Management Report, powered by Product School, Heap, Pendo, Mural, Mixpanel, Chartio, Miro, and Amplitude

Here’s a peek at what we uncovered:

We surveyed the Product Management leaders of today to take a look into the future. After over 1,500 responses, we’ve compiled a report with key trends and actionable insights to tell you where it’s heading next.

You can dive into the full report [here](

I'd love to know what you think and if you believe we missed anything.

The Data-Driven Product Manager Guide is here!

Think you have a data-driven approach to #productmanagement?

Product School and Toucan Toco collaborated to bring you a brand new book with practical tips to leverage data!
Learn to:

👉Democratize data
📊Prioritize pains + user jobs
🕓Manage implementation cost + time-to-value and more!

Get your FREE copy of the new book here! 👇

Hey everyone! Today we launched a cool tool for Product people! Journey through a whole universe 🌌 of the best tools in existence: Productverse, an interactive visualization of the best product management tools. 🌎Stop by the planet of User Feedback to see just what new tools you can find 🌎Need to engage your subscribers in a new way? Check out the planet Email Marketing 🌎Head to the planet of Feature Management to see what software you can mention Explore here!

Today, we’re excited to team up with Mixpanel and launch The State of Product Analytics Report 🎉 We asked 450+ product professionals around the globe to tell us how they're using data to drive product-led growth and we found: 📈How product teams use data 📊Metrics that matter 🚀The role of product analytics in accelerating innovation Check out the full, FREE report here! 👇

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