Basile Samel

writing/making/coding shokunin

implement sitemap generator and push to prod πŸŽ‰

finish Tools page

I listed all the tools and tech I use in a single webpage to link them to corresponding articles published on Sustainable Web Dev. It will perhaps help drive some traffic.

create a script to analyze and aggregate the sorted content

the script sorts the articles by date, tells me about the word count, and allows me to merge the content together by topic in single files

work on snowpack starter

I need one or several snowpack configs to handle Svelte, SSR, TailwindCSS, service workers, and production bundling.

rethink how I will build the MVP

I only realize it now, but Writing Startup is way more than I can chew tech-wise: my coding skills aren't up-to-par yet. What I'm going to do instead:

- Work on tiny minimum viable products (One MVP = one architectural or functional aspect of WritingStartup)
- Refactor the code into microservices, then publish the work to get quick feedback for the end-product and go past my current technical limitations
- THEN assemble Writing Startup after improving each modular part