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Two more paying customers (yay!) and update #3

I got two more paying customers and introduced one of the most frequently requested features — a nice and easy statistics page for stories created by users.    The feature is currently in beta, and some things are still missing. For example, there is no information about where your visitors come from, but I'm also going to introduce it in the upcoming update. And yes, there will be an option to export all the stats in different formats (because openness is important!)    Extended statistics is going to be a premium feature, and it will be available only for Pro customers. However, you can test it for free until the 19th of August. This feature is experimental, and it's going to be the very first feature that's worth paying for (especially if you don't care about customization). Would be very interesting to see how it will affect the number of paying customers in the future.    Read more about today's updates here:

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