What's the possible (legal) consequences if I openly 'disparage' about a larger, incumbent competitor in my marketing?

So I run a JAMstack web design service called Sweet Jam Sites , and recently I'm trying to target frustrated Wordpress users who are ready to make the switch out of Wordpress.    On Twitter, the hastag fuckwordpress is a very real thing, and it's so catchy and perfectly encapsulates the same selling point I'm trying to convey with Sweet Jam, because I can relate to it too (being a recovering Wordpress user). What if I used "F**k Wordpress" as some sort of a marketing tagline, or as the main title header on my website?    What might be possible consequences of that? Will I get sued? As a solo indie maker/agency there's no way I can manage any litigation from a large, well-resourced tech company, so am concerned about that...    SEO-wise, will Google down-rank it? Heard that curse words will affected your site's page rank...

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