Build your Knowledge Base with Notion

Creating a couple of videos for HelpKit's youtube channel

Trying to grow on 📹 Youtube as it is one of the largest search engines in the world 🔍

Already uploaded 6 videos that accumulated about 498 views. Not much yet but if just a single one of them converts to a paying customer it already paid off 🤔

Launching Notion Simple Table

I am a huge Notion fan but there's this one thing that is still not available: A simple table.

Yes, there's no simple to add to your Notion page 😆

However, I found out a hack where you can use the math equation block and LaTeX notation to create beautifully-looking simple tables.

So I decided to follow Rob Wallings's advice and built a simple and free generator around it so that Notion users can easily generate their tables without messing around with the complex LaTeX notation.

I then went ahead and posted it to relevant Notion communities and it seems that they like it.

Curious if and how it can help HelpKit's growth 🌱 Will definitely keep you posted!
Dominik Sobe ツ Author

Thanks Ostap! Yeah they were all over the place 😉


Congrats! I see that people on Reddit like it :)


Onboard first two customers

Onboarded my first two customers yesterday. I got the watch over their shoulder while they were sharing their screen and not gonna lie: I was pretty scared. Scared about some things failing in the onboarding process, scared about them not liking the product, scared about a lot of things. Some minor things did actually fail and you know what?

Nothing happened, quite the contrary: They loved the product. "Wow this doesn't feel anywhere near an MVP, this is a shippable and full product already, great job!", one customer commented. "This is exactly what we need", the other said. The tiny technical hiccups were overseen and I just told them that I will fix them asap afterwards – which I did. Once again the fear of doing the onboarding was much bigger than the actual outcome. You can only learn when you accept that fear and do it anyway 😂

I learned a lot from the onboarding and already could incorporate a lot of their feedback. Curious how this will help future customers now ✨

Released first How to instruction video on Youtube

Aaaand... the first instruction video is live ▶️

Not gonna lie it felt a bit awkward at first but I think having a simple video that explains how HelpKit works is great for activation. Youtube is also the 2nd biggest search engine in the world 🔍

I completely underestimated how hard it is to not just come up with a) what to say but b) then actually do it live.

It's funny when people say doing Youtube is super easy... Not so sure anymore 😬

Want to see me live? 😉

Launching HelpKit 🎉

HelpKit is launching today, wuhu 🚀

What is HelpKit again?
⚡HelpKit allows you to easily build your company's Knowledge Base or Help Center with Notion

🙅🏽‍♂️ No code required

👉🏽 With HelpKit you can use all the Notion blocks you know and love. Build your help center in hours – not days.

HelpKit in six aspects:

💨 Ultra fast
🎨 Customizable
✨ Looks professional
🎛️ Embeddable widget like Intercom or Zendesk
🔍 Sophisticated search
🌐 Custom domain

Secretly shipped the whole admin dashboard in my coding cave for the past month and five days

I realized coding a SaaS from scratch might take a lot of effort so I decided to cut back on a lot of social media etc. and just get it shipped. It's finally out 🤩

Shipped configurator settings page including a sexy header color picker

Now you can fully match your Knowledge Base to your brand ✨

Works with solid colors 🎨 as well as gradients 🌈

📹 See demo here:

Finish knowledge base part of admin UI

Took some time to get inspiration by other Notion related products to come up with the UI for the client dashboard.

Building Help Kit feels so much easier than my projects before. Even though some things are hard - I feel my previous project experience finally compounding 💪

Start working on landing page

This time I am trying to avoid my mistakes of the past. Therefore, I will not code the product right away but rather create a landing page and validate the demand.

Create Twitter account for HelpKit

Holy moly... It took me 35min to create this account because Twitter constantly would send me failed verification codes and weird anti-spam messages.

👉@Helpkit was already taken so I decided to do what every IndieHacker has to do: add an "HQ" to your handle:

Buy domain

Literally every cool Notion related tool I have seen uses the .so top level domain.

I was a bit baffled about the fact that .so domains are crazy expensive – just paid 65$ on Namecheap 🤯

Finish v1 of logo

I am quite satisfied for now. Usually I fiddle around with my designs countless hours – this one took me 20min. I do have to resist the urge to tweak it though 😃

Quickly sketch out a logo

Trying to get rid of my perfectionism and rather create fast and iterate later if needed 😬

Here you can see my little thought process for coming up with the logo