Onboard first two customers

Onboarded my first two customers yesterday. I got the watch over their shoulder while they were sharing their screen and not gonna lie: I was pretty scared. Scared about some things failing in the onboarding process, scared about them not liking the product, scared about a lot of things. Some minor things did actually fail and you know what?

Nothing happened, quite the contrary: They loved the product. "Wow this doesn't feel anywhere near an MVP, this is a shippable and full product already, great job!", one customer commented. "This is exactly what we need", the other said. The tiny technical hiccups were overseen and I just told them that I will fix them asap afterwards – which I did. Once again the fear of doing the onboarding was much bigger than the actual outcome. You can only learn when you accept that fear and do it anyway πŸ˜‚

I learned a lot from the onboarding and already could incorporate a lot of their feedback. Curious how this will help future customers now ✨