House of XYZ

👋 Welcome to House of XYZ! Your full-service¹ software studio. With over a decade of experience collaborating with public companies, hyper-growth unicorns, and YC-backed startups, there ain't S#!T we can't build. Whether you’re a startup looking to innovate, an established company aiming to scale, or an entrepreneur with a vision, we got you! ¹ You don't have to do a damn thing — we design, develop, and deploy anything you need built. Traditional agencies ... 🔒 Lock you into contracts 🕒 Add more meetings to your already crowded schedule 🐌 Take months to deliver 💰Cost $40,000+ for a buggy web app (plus hosting and maintenance) Hiring an employee means ... 📑 You spend weeks hiring just to end up with a professional coffee drinker 🛋️ You get to play therapist in weekly 1-on-1s 👥 The elite team of individual contributors you've cultivated gets to level up into elite micro-managers 💰 Cost $30,000+ per month for one designer and one software engineer (plus benefits) TL'DR Working with traditional agencies and managing employees is rigid, slow, and expensive. With House of XYZ you get ... ⚡️ Software in weeks (or days 👀) ♾️ Unlimited requests 🪪 A senior-level product team 🧠 Product consultations 🧰 Continuous software maintenance 🔓 NO CONTRACTS! (cancel or pause anytime) 🤑 Cost $5,000 per sprint (2 weeks) Let's build 👉

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