The only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little "extra".

Updated footer on new portfio

Loving the new design and ability to create

Researched boilerplates...

Did not go well. Pretty much overwhelming. I think I may just want to start slow instead of starting with everything

What went wrong?

Kevin Author

tbh it was information overload. A bunch of these new boilerplates have these cool technologies (that are cool) that I know nothing about. So it's that cross between "do I want to learn this cool new technology that might help" or "do I want to just build"


Bug fixed in the live stream today -

Getting a little more confident? Definitely comes down to preparation

Post stream recap:

Overall, better than the day before

Started taxes yay

Kevin Author

I got part of the way through until I realized I didn't have all my paperwork ready ugh

Micah Iverson

Taking all my paperwork to my accountant today. Finally getting it done "early".


Practicing streaming again - work in progress πŸ™ƒ

Working on the design of the search page. Not sure how I feel about it yet

Kevin Author

Thanks! I'm learning about design so that may not be the final design..but it's a starting point

Ryan Glass

I like it - clear, looks good and intuitive


Practicing my live streaming - still ways to go but practice makes better!

Practice working with Figma

A copy-cat learning experience (mines on the left)

Just built out two pages b/c discipline every day is better than nothing

Feeling a bit defeated/off today :/

Created some routes in preparation for more later but nothing too intense. Wanted to get in the code and think about it at the very least