🧞‍♂️Martin Donadieu

🚀Maker | 🎙Podcaster | 🧞‍♀️ Life Goal : Make 20% of the world 20% happier #business #people #happiness #podcast

creation of spotify playlist for crossfit https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1P0DQYp9ztXZIax9ZhBw5b . To make it an SEO article

appear in the Supabase newsletter thanks to my PR for the LinkedIn connection with a mention of the indie makers podcast

Lot of complain about issue after payment in Captime app not easy to take, but make me focus on the right things

fix the second in-app purchase problem, direct version sent to users thanks to the capgo plugin, no need to wait for store reviews!

the first 10 customers reached, $113 in revenue, and another 4 support tickets to tell me that the app isn't working for them