Marty Dunlop

Relentless ambitionist. Career designer and avid maker. Being neuro divergent with ADD, I'm constantly trying to manifest new ideas and learn something new.

Switching prices to 10x value

Based on Kevin Hale's talks at Y Combinator, I decided to obviously reflect 10 times the value in my prices.
Making the price a tenth of the actual value, so it's a no brainer purchase and I promote traction at the very beginning.

Considering a pivot

ProductFrame had an interest of 'null' on last weeks launch.
Wondering if I:
1 - Pivot into a SaaS akin to Miro so users can DIY
2 - Reduce the subscription price to less than 10%, for traction

Changed hero copy

Haven't received as much traction as I expected for a launch.
I'm always worrying that my copy isn't getting across the point well enough, or making sense.
I've updated the hero from 'Accelerate your product development' to 'Gain product vision faster'. To me they appear similar, but I wonder if the use of the term 'development' was loaded and/or the whole sentence was too ambigious.

Productised my service

Having run a design consultancy for 7 years, I decided to try productising some of those skills as a subscription service.
Launched 'ProductFrame' to help companies through their product development.
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