Yashu Mittal

Get stuff done

Storybook ( * Install storybook package and it's peer dependencies * Setup storybook configuration & webpack file * Create stories for button and inputText field * fix: storybook setup

Migrate to GitHub Actions ( * Create test-and-build-thermal.yml * Rename test-and-build-thermal.yml to test-and-build.yml * Update name to "Test & Build" * Get latest version of 8.x, 10.x, 12.x * Add linux OS build * FIX: Unexpected value 'ubuntu-latest' * Remove 12.x node_version * Remove node 12.x version from build job * List directory item & pwd after build * Run multi-line command (build && ls && pwd) * Upload linux artifacts to GH workflow * checking dist folder before starting build * Add build job for windows & mac * On push path ignore (.github & .vscode) * Update name for upload-artifacts (windows & mac) * Remove azure pipeline configuration files * Test build on linux Rename file from test-and-build.yml to ci.yml * Add bash profile to moveFiles.sh * Update to node-version Input 'version' has been deprecated with message: The version property will not be supported after October 1, 2019. Use node-version instead * Remove terminal type from actions * Set fail-fast to false When set to true, GitHub cancels all in-progress jobs if any matrix job fails. Default: true * Ignore all *.md files from GH Actions * Use bash and script path to execute bash file * Change directory to dist * cd to dist folder GitHub actions runs scripts files from absolute path * Add GitHub Action badge in README.md * move linux build app to artifacts directory * Print directory content script * Validate artifacts folder & directory path * Update relative paths * amd64 deb artificate pack * Remove extra comments * Revert back to publish artifacts directory * fix: echo pwd PWD: Present working directory * Add discord notification script * Trigger discord notifications * fix sending notification run indentation * Add DISCORD_CI_WEBHOOK secrets * test: echo job & github data * test: dump github & job context data * test: dump runner context data * Pass github context argument to discord-notification.sh $1: Webhook url $2: Workflow name $3: Organisation name/repository name $4: Ref (branch) name $5: Commit ID $6: Author name $7: Author image * fix: Save repository argument to $REPOSITORY_ORG_NAME variable * update: github.event.sender data * Remove content property discord webhook * Change workflow by commit message * Update discord webhook json payload Add username, title, branch name and commit id Remove description and color * fix: split title and url property * Remove square bracket * Echo all variables * Update commit message property Get commit message from `github.head_commit.message` * Use getopts for passing flags with value * End each getops flag with ;; * Add colon after each opts string * Run inline script discord-notification.sh * Use gitthermal/discord-notification-action action * Pass os & node_version as argument to discord notification action * Remove send notification step from CI action Send notification step sends a message to Discord via webhook * test: trigger build * test: trigger build * Add workflow_name using name variable * fix: Unrecognized value 'name' * remove github, job, runner dump data * test: cache dir on linux * List _cacache directory further * Root list item * format the code * Set id to cache job * Use cache action in workflow * Remove "**/" from package-lock.json path * fix: Use yarn.lock file for cache package-lock.json file doesn't exist * test: trigger build * Change to yarn cache directory path * Remove discord notification action * disable cache action * Use variable instead of static name * env variable for move-file.sh script * Add build workflow for windows & mac OS * Run "yarn upgrade" * Add descriptive comments * Revert back changes to commit `6c19543d150c5905272d3c73e748e252574adb58` * Run `yarn` & update yarn.lock file * Update vue & vue-template-compiler package * Remove --target-directory flag from mv command * Shorten mv --verbose command flag