Nic Coates

Product Manager ~ Incident Champion

Designed the logo

I wanted to capture the idea of someone overlooking.
Carl Poppa πŸ›Έ

welcome back to Makerlog, Nic :)

Nic Coates Author

Thanks Carl! It's great to be back building again πŸ’ͺ


Renamed alerts to flares

The idea is that a 'flare' is sent so rather than calling it an 'alert', all references will be flares.

Coded the logic on who/when can add new users

If on solo plan, can't add any more, if on team, can add up to 5. If reached more than 5 get in touch.

Market research

Check out what other products are out there and map their features to what Flare offers, helping to conclude pricing.

Recorded demo videos

Will be using them over the week to share the build progress πŸ’ͺ

Fixed issue with alerts and assignee

I noticed that when an alert was created, it was setting the assignee. No no no. On-call user accepts the alert, and then it assigns it.

Added Messagebird dependancy

This is where the real magic begins!

Alerts page

Full on timeline, various buttons, simple design πŸ”₯