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:sparkles: added more tutorial steps in the chart editor a few minor UI fixes to the chart dataset configuration

:bug: fixed crash in the AxisChart algorithm when getting the config without filters

:sparkles: finished up the tutorial component, added dashboard tutorial and mechanism to restart these

:card_file_box: added migration to clean the tutorials column for the User table

:bug: fixed issue with the dashboard filters not being applied on a page hard refresh

:bug: fixed issue with date filters not applying correctly on non-api connected charts

:bug: fixed issue with the runQuery action not sending the filters to the api

:bug: remove API call query parameters when the variables are not set

:children_crossing: removed the show/hide draft from the main dashboard function

:children_crossing: restricted alert recipient assignment based on the user role

:bug: making sure all projects are fetched when the project board is loaded

:lipstick: added smooth transition between large and small side menu

:bug: added error handling for getting the team members to avoid crashes in the dashboard